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About FitFormance

FitFormance is a unique and exclusive, state-of-the-art fitness training centre which focuses on "Performance Based Fitness Solutions" for its clients from various walks of life. Tony Robins very rightly says that "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible" and that is precisely how our trainings are designed – each unique and bespoke to every single client and his or her fitness goals.

FitFormance gives supreme fitness sessions along with unparalleled personal training. We inspire our clients to perform at their peak.

We can and we will make the impossible possible. With the right personal trainer, we are partners to breaking records and unlocking the extraordinary. At every step our passionate trainers backed by the latest science in the industry, present a personalised program delivering results that our client's desire.

Years of scientific research have confirmed that by addressing all the areas of Movement, Nutrition and Regeneration together- the best state of fitness can be achieved.

FitFormance has top-of-the-line equipment, upbeat pumping music and motivational trainers that make our elite training centre's environment the most energetic. FitFormance has lockers, restrooms and showers for convenience and comfort of our members.

Corporate Profile

Anamaya India Private Limited
Our company was established to bring about a revolutionary change in the Fitness and Wellness industry of India. We aim to deliver performance-based training backed by a scientific approach and research. Anamaya India was created after studying and understanding the local, commercial and financial market of the region. India is the market with tremendous potential for strength and conditioning, sports specific training, injury prevention, rehabilitation, specific goal training etc.

Umesh Ved

CS Umesh Ved is a graduate in Law and proprietor of Umesh Ved & Associates, a leading Practicing Company Secretaries firm in Western India, specializing in Mergers, Amalgamations, Takeovers, restructuring of companies, Securities Laws and Foreign Exchange management and providing value added services to corporate clients in the field of legal, compliances and appearance before the quasi Judicial Bodies. He has served as the Chairman of Ahmedabad Chapter of Western India Regional Council of Institute of Company Secretaries of India [ICSI] (2000) and Chairman of Western India Regional Council of the ICSI (2008).

He also was a member of Central Council of ICSI (2011- 2014). He is a regular speaker at Seminars, Workshops organized by professional bodies and a visiting faculty at Professional Institutes of repute. He is also actively associated with various religious and Charitable Trusts. Widely travelled Mr. Umesh Ved is an avid reader, prolific writer and has contributed to several papers and articles in prestigious professional journals, magazines and leading financial dailies.

Mrunal Ved A chartered accountant by profession, also a national Speed Skater, volley ball player, marathon runner and an admired Fitness & Rehab expert; Mrunal is a complete fitness enthusiast. Not just limited to fitness, he is a skilled personality with a very strong base in strategy, management and commerce, while supporting his family background of a corporate giant.

Everything he has done has been focused on the underlying theme of shifting the prototype because, "Our thoughts determines our feelings and our feelings determine our actions." At the end of the day, we hold our own destiny to turn what we were born with into what we CAN become.He wanted to design a workout that wasn't just for the 10% of fit people who attended regular fitness classes. Mrunal aimed to create a workout that even the unconditioned people felt safe to attend.

Mrunal Ved

Why Us?

Whether you're an athlete or just starting your fitness journey, FitFormance is designed for all fitness levels. Our experienced trainers provide options that allow you to safely perform movements that work around any physical issues. Our training methodologies are all very sound and semantic as per international standards, not to forget – everything is done keeping the science & reason behind the techniques in mind and an in-depth research of the history and background of the client. Not to forget, injuries during training are very rampant at other places – but at FitFormance we assure your safety.

We've all got our reasons for training. And because no two bodies are the same, the more advanced your training program, the more customized it becomes. We start with the fitness assessment, which includes an in-depth medical and fitness questionnaire, BCA (Body Composition Analysis) and Postural analysis.

Our trainer evaluates your history and objectives to create your personal roadmap. The conversation between you and your coach will play a vital role in your success. Because at the end of the day, it's about performing at your peak – while living your life.


Stronger, leaner, faster- whatever your goals, we connect you with the perfect trainer. Because when you meet the right coach, your results will be epic.

Stories of the Impossible

Real members who have worked together with their trainers, broken records and achieved the real change have unlocked the extraordinary.

Watch them talk about their journey, as they make impossible happen.

Umesh Ved

Anshu Mishra

Chintul Khajanchi

Niranjan Limbachiya

Govind Shah

Vandan Shah

Mahesh Makwana

Rajendra Gala

The Best Place Headed By Good Team Of Trainers. The Equipment, Latest, Techniques Best.

It's A Unique Concept With State Of Art Facilities. It's Not A Gym. I Will Call It Transformation Studio.

Highly Recommend This Place For Work Outs... These Folks Are Really Professional And Will Help You Achieve Desirable Goals. Loved Working With Mrunal And His Team!

Go For This ☺ Amazing Team And Amazing Exercise Fitness Performance

At Fitformance Mrunal And Team Are Always Ready To Help. Innovative Workouts And Expertise In Domain I.e Fitness Their Differentiating Factor.
once You Do Workout With Them , You Always Want Them Besides You While Doing Training.
keep Up The Great Work!!

Best Professionally Driven Training Place !

FitForamance It A Terrific Fitness Ground... Such A Very Very Good Fitness Instructors!!

This Gym Is Amazing, Best In Town. Always Neat & Clean. Great Personal Trainers. Especially Vanraj Sir.


What is different about FitFormance?

The environment, culture and the experience you will have at FitFormance, makes us different from others.

I haven't worked out in a long time? Can I still do the workout?

Yes; since our programs are tailor made we plan the program looking at your current fitness status and future desired goals in mind.

I have an injury/ pain/ problem with (part of the body). Can I still do your workout?

Our team comprises of Physiotherapists and Rehab specialists to look after your problems before, during and after your training session at FitFormance.

What equipment do you use at FitFormance?

We have equipments from renowned brands like Woodway, Conceptz, Hammer Strength, True Stretch etc. which are made after in-depth research and development in human biomechanics for peak performance.

How early should I arrive for my first FitFormance session?

Ideally you are expected to reach 15 minutes prior to your session to enable us to guide you through a smooth warm-up till your coach is free from the previous training. In this way you will be able to get optimum time with your coach for your training session.

What do I need for my session?

All you need will be a clean pair of socks & shoes. We provide drinking water, napkin and towel at the premises.

How do I book a session?

It's as simple as calling or sending a ‘Whatsapp' message on 70436 43690 or 079- 48970436. Alternatively you can also drop us an email on contact@fitformance.in

How much does a FitFormance session cost?

Please visit us to know what we charge after taking a look at what we offer. However, please expect our pricing to be in band with the prices of other personal trainings in the city.

How much does a FitFormance session cost?

Please visit us to know what we charge after taking a look at what we offer. However, please expect our pricing to be in band with the prices of other personal trainings in the city.

Will I get nutrition advice?

We do not call it nutrition - we call it nutrition. We provide a nutrition consultation and plan to suit your current lifestyle and eating habits.

How fast will I see the results?

It takes 4 weeks for you to see the results, 8 weeks for your family to see the results and 12 weeks for others around you to see the change!