About Us

Incepted in 2017, FitFormance is a state-of-the-art Fitness, Sports Training, and Rehabilitation center in Ahmedabad that focuses on holistic and "Performance-based Fitness Solutions". We believe in unlocking the extraordinary possibilities in fitness for our client's by curating personalized training programs that are powered by realistic and achievable goals.

Led by Mrunal Ved and his team of highly qualified and certified Trainers, Physios, and Rehabilitation experts, FitFormance brings together years of scientific research and innovative fitness mantra inspired by the concept of Movement, Nutrition and Regeneration. Tony Robins very rightly says that "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible" and that is precisely how our training programs are designed.


We Make Your Fitness Goals Our Mission


Your health & safety is foremost in the post-COVID world. Besides maintaining social distancing norms, we strictly follow hand hygiene, face mask, and frequent sanitization of training center & the equipment used.


We log the client's fitness data and maintain records for scientific growth and result oriented training. Our training methods are beyond short-term weight loss/ gain but helps achieve holistic fitness goals.


We honor flexibility in timings to reschedule sessions as per your convenience and coach's availability. Book an appointment and reach our facility 15 minutes earlier, for guided warmup and intense training sessions.


Our clients enjoy the benefits of 'Pay-per-Session' wherein they can best utilize the training fees they have paid for. This is very unlike conventional gyms where people pay for membership and do not show up.


We have the best-in-class team of certified Fitness Trainers and Rehab specialists who ensure that all areas of fitness and safety are taken care of with the highest precision and professionalism.


We work on an appointment basis only, hence FitFormance is never crowded. This helps us to maintain social distancing, besides helping realize our member's fitness goals in a fun & friendly environment.

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Our Mission

To provide unparalleled personal training, and inspire our clients to perform at their peak.


Connected by Love for Fitness


Can FitFormance guarantee my Weight loss / Weight Gain?

FitFormance can guarantee improved movement, core strengthening, flexibility, holistic health, and wellness. You may say that weight loss/gain under the able supervision of our trained fitness experts is achieved as a by-product of our scientific, process-driven workout modules.

Gym or Training Centers can be the most common place to spread virus and germs, how can I prevent that when I attend your session. How do you maintain sanitization?

We at FitFormance have been highly sensitive about maintaining holistic hygiene practices since our inception in 2017 - very much prior to the COVID-19 scare. We ensure maintaining the mandatory Social Distancing norms as per the government guidelines. We follow stringent hand hygiene like frequent use of hand sanitizers place at multiple spots, providing napkins/towels, regular fumigation of air, sanitization of training equipment, and the premises.

What is personal training? How can Personal Training be more effective than general training or group training?

Personal Training at FitFormance is a specially-tailored service where a qualified fitness professional awaits you and gives individual attention. Your personal trainer makes you accountable for the workouts to be done, nutrition to be followed, while gently and safely pushing you out of your comfort zone. A personalized training chart is also crafted to precision as per your body type, apart from the focus and attention you get from a personal trainer while taking care of safety and injury prevention.

Whereas in Group Training classes, one fitness trainer drives the fitness regimen of over 20-30-40 people at the same time. Group training mostly leads to working out on our own, leading to major flaws in workout execution and thereby deviating from your fitness goals.

FitFormance seems to have an extensive fitness training program. But I have never done anything like this before. Can I do it well enough at this age?

FitFormance can boast of having a luminous team of highly trained and certified Fitness Experts, Physiotherapists, and Rehab specialists in the house. From post-operative rehabilitation to helping you build stamina with intensive training for an Olympics sport. Our programs are 100% customized and executed on a 1-on-1 basis. We believe that no one-size-fits-all, and you can only work with the speed and intensity that your body supports. This helps us to set realistic fitness goals for you and achieve the same.

If I purchase 36 sessions workout plan and achieve my goals, then what after that?

Most of our clients continue with our training programs even after achieving their goals. However, we recommend 2 options:

1. Since fitness is a lifestyle with continuous evolving goals, you can further improvise your goals and keep working towards it.

2. Switch to our consulting plan where our team shall assist you with workout programs and nutrition plans that can be followed on your own with regular timely visits at FitFormance.

I am a girl and not comfortable with having a male coach. Is it possible for me to have a female coach?

Yes, we do have a female coach on selective time slots to take care of your training programs. At the same time, we at FitFormance consider the safety and security of our clientele at the highest level, irrespective of gender. Our trainers are qualified professionals as you encounter in any other workplace environment. They strictly follow protocols and execute duties within their professional limits, as expected from your personal trainer or fitness mentor.

I have some health conditions (like Hypertension/ Diabetes/ Thyroid, etc.). Can I work out?

Yes, you surely can. Our team will assess and evaluate your medical reports and set training programs, nutrition charts along with realistic goals - keeping the medical condition in mind. We can assure you that our exercise programs have helped in successfully containing the medical conditions in many of our patrons. Some have even managed to control the chronic conditions and get rid of the prescribed medications after due clinical assessment and medical advice.

I have an injury/ pain/ problem with (part of the body). Can I still do your workout? What if anything goes wrong with training, then how do you co-op up with that?

Our team comprises of qualified Physiotherapists and Rehab specialists to look after your problems before, during, and after your training session at FitFormance.

Are you providing diet food and supplements at FitFormance? Will you help create a personalized Nutrition chart for me?

Our nutrition expert will provide personalized nutrition consultation to adapt to lifestyle changes in sync with your current way of living. Our coaches will assist you to gradually move forward to a more healthy and holistic fitness and nutrition routine to achieve the desired fitness goals.

What training equipment do you use at FitFormance?

We have fitness training equipment from renowned brands like Woodway, Conceptz, Hammer Strength, True Stretch, etc. which are made after in-depth research and development in human biomechanics to deliver peak performance.

I heard about Zumba and Pilates training; it seems fun. What does FitFormance suggest?

Fitness and exercise are wide fields. Different kinds of fitness programs lead to different fitness goals. It is necessary to consult a professional and find the right combination for your body. For example, you may choose a Fitness Plan with 3 days of training at FitFormance combined with 1 or 2 days of Zumba/Pilates and 1 or 2 days of Yoga. Book a free consultation with our Fitness expert to know the right blend for you.

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