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Behind every FitFormance coach you'll find an unparalleled training program clinically proven to deliver real results. Your coach undergoes a rigorous, science-backed education along with guidance from esteemed experts on our board. Our coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and are committed to helping you meet your fitness

Mrunal Ved

A chartered accountant by profession, also a national Speed Skater, volley ball player, marathon runner and an admired Fitness & Rehab expert; Mrunal is a complete fitness enthusiast. Not just limited to fitness, he is a skilled personality with a very strong base in strategy, management and commerce, while supporting his family background of a corporate giant.

Everything he has done has been focused on the underlying theme of shifting the prototype because, "Our thoughts determines our feelings and our feelings determine our actions." At the end of the day, we hold our own destiny to turn what we were born with into what we CAN become.

He wanted to design a workout that wasn't just for the 10% of fit people who attended regular fitness classes. Mrunal aimed to create a workout that even the unconditioned people felt safe to attend. With this in mind he decided to create his own; unlike the regular gyms where the trainers just copy-paste the work-out charts for every client. This workout was designed for all fitness levels.


A health nut since his youth, Mrunal has tried almost every fitness fad. He is a walking encyclopedia on nutrition, weight loss and overall wellness, and helps others around him to stick to their fitness goals, inspiring his team to never give up.

Opening FitFormance started the entire journey of him stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur. The breakdown experience itself taught him how to push through very uncomfortable moments by concentrating on what he had, and not on what he didn't. Mrunal truly believes that it is changing the world one at a time. Taking each individual and allowing them to be the best individual they can be. He believes when you challenge your body and keep it fit, strong, and healthy you're going to be the best version of yourself.

Lifelong passion for health and fitness. His desire to be on the cutting edge of fitness inspired him to start 'FitFormance'. Mrunal has been motivating and training clients for over three years.

Qualifications :

  • Reebok Certified Personal Trainer
  • Barwis Methods Applied Coach Level 1-4 (USA)
  • Master Rehab Trainer by Rehab Australia
  • CPR & AED by American Heart Association
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Master Functional Trainer by FTI Australia

Workshops :

  • Kinetic Taping - by Dr Vaibhav Daga
  • Gluteal Rehab - ACSM by Dr. Vishwanath Prabhu, Senior Faculty ACSM
  • Rehab Fx by Ulrik Larsen, Founder Rehab Australia
Mayank Chhunchha (Head Coach)

Mayank Chhunchha (Head Coach) is a sought after fitness coach when it comes to training with safety, enthusiasm and motivation. He has been primarily working in areas like body weight training, functional training and has been giving tremendous results in body transformation with the help of strength training and holistic fitness programs.

Qualifications :

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Pursuing his distance MBA from Narsee Monjee - Mumbai.
Abhayraj Chavda (Coach)

Abhayraj Chavda (Coach) is an acclaimed personality in the fitness industry of Gujarat with over 7 years experience. Mr. Chavda has to his credit numerous satisfied personal training clients who have witnessed a phenomenal transformation in their health. He has been an athlete throughout his life and has national & international medals and representation in sports like Karate & Taekwondo. He has also been awarded with an award of Sportsmen of the Year in 2004 by Gujarat University.

Qualifications :

  • Certified Fitness Trainer - Talwalkar's Academy, Mumbai
Jacky Methwani (Coach)

Jacky Methwani (Coach) has handled and trained clients in all the age bands of 18, 25, 40 to 70, both men and women. His area of forte is Sports Nutrition, Fat-Loss and Complete Transformation. He has transformed lives of women and men who were clinically obese or even skinny, diabetic or athletic, hypertensive or hypothyroid sufferer to fit individuals who are now proud of themselves with volumes of confidence in them.

Qualifications :

  • B.COM
  • B.P.ED
  • k11 Certified Personal Trainer
Akriti Chowdhary (Coach)

Akriti Chowdhary (Coach) believes that life is a gift to be cherished and every individual should be healthy to lead a happy life. Her earnest desire is help people around her get fit, celebrate life and be a better person with an optimum mental, physical and emotional quotient. Fitness for her is a lifestyle; and she believes in working towards athleticism and letting fat loss be a by-product. She considers a systematic and a sustainable approach towards achieving ones fitness goals which requires patience and consistency.

Qualifications :

  • ACE Certified Trainer.
  • Reebok Certified Personal Trainer and CGT.
  • Certified Yoga Instructor.
Dr. Vanraj (Coach)

Dr. Vanraj (Coach) is a Certified Physiotherapist from Gujarat University. He specialises in customising workout plans for individuals who are ailing from a recent injury or suffering from prolonging aches and pains. He believes that fitness is a very subjective term, every individual gives a different meaning to it, so it never helps to compare. With discipline and dedication a healthy lifestyle is guaranteed.

Qualifications :

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
  • Medicine in Action Program (MIAP)
Vishal Kahar (Junior Coach)

Vishal Kahar (Junior Coach) is currently pursuing specialisation in Sports Training & Nutrition. He has 3 years of experience and specialises in bodybuilding, transformation and general well-being. He believes that to transform oneself, you have to believe in yourself and your coach which is the primary step. He is here to help you achieve, to provide you the right kind of training that suits your goals, lifestyle- and the motivation to help you reach those goals. With complete dedication nothing is impossible.

Qualifications :

  • 3 year experience fitness industry
  • k11 Certified Personal Trainer